Chapter One Hundred Twelve

October 19, 2013


20th of Woodmonth


            We stay in the magical mansion for the night, and in the morning, Silas begins teleporting groups back to Heltragen.  To do this and get everyone there, it will take three days.

            On the second day, Finn is on guard outside the mansion, and we suddenly hear him scream, “Shit!”  Ulric calls his armor and jerks the door open.  They see Finn crouched over Silas with three arrows in his back.  He notices that the arrows make a tight pattern like Korvinean’s do when he fires more than one at a time.  “He’s hurt, get him!” Ulric jumps out in between the men and the direction the arrows appear to have come from.  Briggette is close behind him, and grabs Silas, protecting him as she drags him into the building.  Next to them, a giant wolverine appears from nowhere.

            Ulric charges the ridge across the way from us, and near the top, he encounters a glowing red scythe.  Finn turns to swing his scythe at the wolverine, and chops its head cleanly off.  Korvinean manages to get out the door and fire at someone—or something—along the top of the ridge.  Ulric continues charging up and over, where he sees ten zombies, a man in plate mail, and a woman who is wearing such scanty robes as to be nearly unclothed.

            Korvinean spots an archer hidden in the trees off to the side and fires at him, making several strong hits, but is attacked by a skeletal dog.  The archer runs away, but the dog stays with him.  I shadow jump over behind the main battle area, and emerge to see the mage, so I shoot her.  My bolt buries itself in her heart, and she falls.  Boian charges into the dog attacking Ulric, and strikes soundly, just as Ulric swings at it again.

            Finn enters the fray and begins to swing his gruisarme around in a wide arc, taking out seven zombies and tripping the man in plate.  He brings the weapon around again and brings down his blade, decapitating the man with impunity.

            Briggette charges and hits the dog, but it remains standing.  Chancellor rears back and stomps into it, finally killing the creature.  We return to the mansion, and rest for the remainder of the day and that night.

            The next morning, on the 23rd of Woodmonth, we teleport home to Heltragen.  Ulric and Briggette immediately go to visit with Stefan and Bernadette.  We all head in our own directions, and I go to the church to have the billets bless my baby.  We spend a couple of weeks in peace and tranquility, then Nicodemus shows up.  He had news about the island we asked him to investigate.  It was previously an outpost of the empire of Ar, where the aquatic members of the empire and the terrestrial members of the empire interacted.  To his knowledge, no one has moved there in over a thousand years.  He said there may be a staff there he is interested in, and Ulric asks that if we retrieve it, would it repay one of our debts?  He agrees, and we know we must visit this island soon.

            We then take the two days ride to visit Brasov, and spend a couple of days visiting with Stefan and our other friends and family.  Stefan tells me that someone, perhaps a Halfling, came through town looking for me about a month and a half ago.  His description varies among those who remember him, and his name was Reny Biggs.  This doesn’t really ring a bell, but seems vaguely familiar.

            We head out, and decide to detour on the way home to visit for a day with the Zelkos.  They feast us in welcome, and we spend a pleasant evening sharing our adventures.  Following that, we return to Heltragen and make ready to visit the Duke in the capital, where Ulric plans to talk to the adherents of these new dragon-slaying gods.  When we head out toward the city, it is the fifth of Autumnharvestmonth.