Chapter One Hundred Thirteen

October 26, 2013


5th of Autumnharvestmonth


            When we arrive in the capital, we get things settled and set out to visit various magic and weapons shops to enchant our items or purchase new ones.  We make plans to go and visit the church of the dragon slaying cult, and meet up to head there.

            We enter through a large dragon skull into their temple.  As we step in, we see a gnome talking with a halfling.  Upon inspection, the gnome appears to be the Red Ferret.  A human walks up to our group and greets us, “Hello!  How can I help you, sir?  You, um,” he glances at Briggette, “appear to already have a deity.”

            “We are seeking a dragon expert,” Ulric replies.

            “Ah, then you’ve come to the right place.”

            “We are looking for wardens, trackers, to help find a large group of green dragons to the South.  They’ve been oppressing people there, and I aim to kill them.”

            “Then you’ve definitely come to the right place,” the man says.  His tabard shows a silhouette of a dragon with two spears running through it.  As he leads us in, we see several statues.  First is a man with black hair and red armor, the second a man with robes that have a relief of a gnome in the robes.  Next is a woman in armor with long, blonde hair and a mace raised to attack.  She looks quite a lot like Briggette, in fact.  The next statue are two halflings, one male and one female.  The male is plain and non-descript, but the female has red hair with a small lick of flame hovering over her head.  The next is a stunningly beautiful woman with red hair who wears next to nothing.  Above the altar, there is an arch with six symbols carved in it for the gods of their pantheon. 

            He leads us through the main sanctuary into a back room where a large table sits with a picture of the island and part of the mainland.  He has a boy bring us good wine and begins to tell us about dragons, “Reds are the most powerful, white are the most savage.  Black dragons are the most territorial.  Blue dragons are the most tyrannical—which is impressive for dragons.  But green dragons are the most organized, and that makes them the most dangerous.”

            “That would seem to fit with what is going on in the South,” Ulric says.

            “Reds would never get along long enough, blacks could never share territory—but greens, greens could have a feudal society.”  He and Ulric discuss the situation a bit more, and Ulric details our plan of going south to squash the threat facing the people there.  “Your intention is to go down, defeat the dragons, defend these people, and take over the area?”

            “That is correct.  I plan to install myself as Duke.  These people have sat without a proper Duke for far too long, and now they’re paying the consequences.”  He speaks of duty and loyalty, then comes out with his real question, “If I could know the precise location of these dragons before I send my army south, perhaps fewer people would have to die.  If I knew, I could set down first, maybe a month before while it’s still cold.  I won’t ask your men to fight, even though they might be willing.  I won’t ask for your lives, only for locations.”

            The man tells us that he can gather several wardens who can help with this, but that it will take time.  Ulric then tells him about the dracolich in the Spine, and asks that should the Drangonsbane contingent desire to take care of the issue, they please include our group in those plans.  Further, Ulric assures him that should we indeed be successful in taking the area, he already knows of a large city there where he would like to place his seat.  He offers the church of Dragonsbane a place in the city to increase their numbers. 

            The man explains that among his followers, if the surcoat shows a green dragon, it indicates a warden, red represents a paladin, blue indicates a bard, and black denotes a priest.  However, he tells us that all of their priests are also bards on some level, as well.  He tells us also that he will find a replacement for himself during this wait time, then he will join us as well.  He tells us that his name is Gilbert.  I ask him for more information about their pantheon, and he tells me a bit about each of their gods.

            When we are done talking with him, I approach the Red Ferret.  “Good morning, old friend.