Chapter Twenty-Two

October 15, 2011


After much carousing and celebration, we all go to bed, many of us tipsy or worse.  Briggette pines drunkenly for Ulric until she passes out, much to my amusement.

The next morning, Sir Brannick wakes us early, and we begin our journey to the capital.  As we break camp after the first night, Korvinean tells us of large columns of smoke on down the road from us.  We decide to move quickly to seek out the source.

On our way there, we encounter a village that is decimated with corpses of desiccated and abused townsfolk decorating spikes and gallows throughout.  We manage to find one girl surviving, and she tells us that the warriors who attacked them were led by women.

As we get further down the road, we see Korvinean’s arrow in the ground.  He has been scouting ahead of the group, and this is a sure sign of trouble ahead.

As we round the corner, we see ranks of men with spears and shields set for a charge.  Briggette, Ulric and Finn form a sort of phalanx and charge toward them, while Brianna, Korvinean and I sneak off into the woods to flank them.  Our three mounted comrades make mincemeat of five of the spearmen, and continue through their ranks, trampling and knocking over the ones who were not instantly killed.  Brianna bursts from the underbrush and ends one, while my bolt finds purchase to kill another.  New enemies suddenly appear from the edges of the road, and we work as a well-oiled unit to take care of each new threat as it arises, and quickly quell the threat.

Moving further toward the capital, we come across a small encampment with a five foot berm topped with a ten foot palisade.  After defeating the inhabitants, we discover twenty-seven children caged inside the camp.  We free them and escort them back to Brasov and the orphanage there. 

On our second trip, we make it to the Capital without incident.