Chapter Twenty-Four

November 5, 2011


          When we arrive in town, we make our way to the Golden Dragon Inn and Ulric rents out all remaining rooms, including the two Noble Suites.  We establish our sleeping arrangements, bathe and primp, and head out to our various tasks within the city.
          At Ulric’s request, I head out to see what I can find out about the slavers in the bay.  On the way there, some asshole bumps into me and accuses me of trying to filch from him.  He challenges me and draws a crowd.  I manage to tumble through his legs and disappear into the crowd as Briggette and Ulric happen up on the incident.  They take care of the asshole and his friends, with Briggette challenging him to single combat and soundly defeating him without even taking any blows.  I continue on to the docks and my original task, where I find out that there will be an auction this evening.  I ask about how to participate and make plans to return later that evening.

Ulric and Briggette go to the roper’s district to find out about her family history and how to find her brother.  While there, they met Ted Roper, who explained that the Bellyns all perished in a fire some fifteen years ago, stating that the family consisted of the father, the mother and their two sons.  Briggette is confused, as she, Brianna and Jean Phillipe were the children of the Bellyns; however, Mr. Roper’s words seem to be urging her not to protest his assertions.  He says that everyone knows the fate of the Bellyn family.  Something in his tone keeps them from questioning what he says.  The fire burned the house to the ground, destroying everything.  This is also telling in that they passed Briggette’s childhood home on the way to the area, and it was precisely as she remembers it.