Chapter Forty-Three

March 17, 2012


7th of Saltmonth


            We make our plans to face the ambush.  We agree that one does not simply ride into a known ambush, so we decide to take them by surprise instead.  They are planning to attack us as we enter a ravine, so we will come up behind them on one side, attack, and watch as their counterparts on the other side of the ravine try to fight back.
            We ride for five days, two of which are out of our way in order to skirt the ambush area.  As Korvinean and I scout ahead, I run into a large object that I think is a rock, only to have an ogre stand up and start looking around for what hit him.  I hide as best I can, and he eventually squats back down under a cloak, apparently missing me.  I slowly creep away, and we both back out of the area before returning to our party.  We tell them about the lookout ogre we found, and we mount up and head out.  Brianna and I will go back and take care of the lookout while Korvinean leads the rest of the group to charge the other group of ogres he found.  The battle rages on two fronts, and after some time, we once again emerge victorious.
            We find our friends at the opening to a cave and begin to investigate.  Two ogres jump out and attack us, but we easily dispatch the minor threat.  As we continue into the cave, we find that it terminates in a large room.  There are several beds made of old dresses and clothes, as well as an exquisite platinum mirror with sapphires embedded in the frame, along with a matching brush.  We also find a silver necklace and ring with sapphires set into them.  In the corner of the room, we see an inscription in the wall which reads:

We have been ambushed by Vara' shan troops.  The horses are dead, we have left her Highnesses wardrobE and personaL items here, Reckless died well, his barding is here, Please take it to my castle.

We have taken the High road to Alffreda I will try and rally the troops there.  hEr highness and the ladies in waiting aRe Safe, pardon our failure.  THere arE no enougH of us to tAke everything, Rolf, Materand and AelferaS will be our rear guard, THEy ToO March with thE eternal flAme, of The AElfward.

Sir Caleval, First Knight of Grozney

We are able to figure out that the message hidden within is "Help her, she has the tome at Aelfward."