Chapter Forty-Six

April 7, 2012


12th of Saltmonth


            We take a moment to catch our breath, and Ulric heads toward the mouth of the cave that spewed forth our hideous foes.  We all follow him, and we are met by ogres on their way out.  We mow them down, and hear a roar behind us as 24 or so bugbears charge at us from the courtyard.  More ogre creep out of the woodwork, and we take them down, too.  Ulric screams across the battlefield in a goblinish curse, and many of the scattered enemies turn their attention toward him.  We finally get through all of the enemies and ride inside the area to head deeper into the cave.
            We come into a large cavern with two hill giants.  Without hesitation, we charge and attack, rapidly ending their lives.  As we continue through the cave, we come to a larger cavern where we are accosted by three hobgoblins mounted on massive worgs.  We kill them and prepare to move on.