Chapter Eighty-Six

January 12, 2013


9th of Storemonth


Sir Iajos approaches Briggette to ask how he should dispose the men, and she has him build a fortified camp.  She and Finn discuss the plan to enter the cave or not.  Sir Stefan joins them, and we all agree that we should go now.  We all begin to enter the arch, and everyone goes through with no problem—except me.  I immediately collapse, and my eyes roll back in my head.

Stefan and Finn begin to check me out, and while they do so, my horns begin to grow quickly, until they wrap around my head like a ram’s horns, and my teeth elongate into fangs.  Suddenly, I begin to convulse.  None of them are able to move me, so Briggette asks Finn to break the arch.  The convulsions last only about thirty seconds, but begin again after another minute, and once again last roughly thirty seconds.  A few moments later, I wake up under the arch.  When I stand, they notice my tail has grown about another foot and a half also.

From my point of view, as I entered the arch, I appeared in an oddly-shapen basalt room which seems to emanate light from all areas.  I immediately put my back against a wall, and begin to assess my surroundings.  Across the room from me, the wall opened up and a large demon walked out.  He was leaving glowing hot marks with each footfall and approaching me slowly.  He waves his hand and two couches appear facing one another nearby.  He tells me to sit, and I reluctantly agree.  He tells me that he will give me what I want, and suddenly, I’m transported into a throne room where hundreds of good-looking men are worshipping at my feet.  He looms over me and places a hand on my shoulder.  I am suddenly filled with complete ecstasy, and all the muscles in my stomach and below tighten, I become all tingly, almost like I’ve been shocked.  After a moment of recovery, he tempts me once again with power, wealth and immeasurable pleasure.  He touches me once again, and once again, I experience the same jolt of pleasure.  I struggle away from him and refuse his offer once more.  He threatened me, saying he will kill me, and I tell him that all men must die.  “I will die not in your service, but in the service of St. Cuthbert, of Count Ulric von Zurwald Heltragen and Countess Briggette Bellyn von Zurwald Heltragen, and if I’m lucky, I’ll die with them by my side.  And when I die, regardless of who sends me there, I will join the glorious dead in the Basilica of Justice and Law.”  He sighs and warns me that he will kill me on the battlefield.  After that,


When we enter the cave, we come into a room with two humans, a man and a woman, standing in the center with their arms outstretched in a welcoming manner.  They are both unclothed and extremely well-endowed.  Without hesitation, Korvinean shoots, followed quickly by me.  The man falls under our barrage.  The woman reaches in toward her massive breasts, then gestures outward welcomingly once again.  Finn collapses.

Briggette charges the bitch, followed closely by Arany and Boian.  Brianna is fast on their heels, flipping over Briggette’s head, wrapping her legs around the woman’s face and snapping her neck before landing firmly on her feet with a flourish.

I go over to try to help Finn since all the threats are eliminated.  He has his eyes rolled back into his head like I did earlier.  I can’t help but notice that he has an erection.  About ten minutes later, he comes to, and he admits he was in a “compromising” situation where he was tempted to stay with them.  He refused, and was returned to us.

We come to the next door, which is made of silver, and it says in Abyssal, “All who come for pleasure or pain are welcome.  Servants of law die.”  I share this information with Briggette, but she doesn’t seem worried.  We go through and come to another door, this one offset from the center of the hallway.  I easily overcome the trap and lock here, and we go through these doors, too.  Inside, I see two creatures.  One has cloven hooves, black feathered wings, and giant insectile mandible and eyestalks with oversized claws.  The one next to it has scaly skin, bird feet, and gigantic pendulous dugs that put off the odor of dung.  I immediately fire at the taller cloven-hooved creature.  I am able to drop him with my shots, but the female leaps into the air, and slams down on me with a jaw that opened like that of a snake.  I am able to withstand her poison, and we continue fighting until we kill her.