Chapter Eighty-Eight

February 2, 2013


9th of Storemonth


I move to the next door, and when I open it, I am pricked by a needle hidden in the lock.  Behind the door, we find another irregularly shaped room with a large thaumatergic circle inlaid in the floor in silver.  Silas comes in to disrupt it by digging the silver out of a small spot on the circle and chanting.  Finding nothing else in the room, we move on to the next, also very irregular in shape.  It contains various implements of a perverse sexual nature.  We quickly move through to the door on the other side of the room.  We defeat the lock, but can’t get the door to open, and I realize something heavy is propped against the door from the other side.  We get Quinn to begin knocking his way through and continue on to the next door which leads to a small rectangular room with another circle in the floor.  Silas takes care of it for us. 

Meanwhile back at the other door, Quinn makes his way through, but as the door opens, he is stuck by five Magic Missiles.  Korvinean steps up to shoot, and fires into the relative darkness of the room.  One of the two figures standing there is in robes, and he becomes the immediate target, dropping from Korvinean’s arrows.  In the back of the room, there is a large altar, and next to his fallen friend we find a man standing in full plate.  Briggette charges, and he puts his palm into her chest, flinging her back with the force of a battering ram.  Just as the man in plate goes down, a creature steps out of the inky blackness to attack us.  It is clearly a demon, but we are able to take him down.

After all are dead, I inspect the altar.  Before I can approach it, the inky blackness disappears.  I search the altar.  It is quite huge and made of bone that has been melded together.  As I look at it, I realize there is some sort of design carved into the bone, but it is not visible to the naked eye.  I begin to search the room and find a secret door. 

When the door slides back, there is another large, irregularly-shaped room with a woman standing in the center of it.  She is mostly nude and has the body of a deer.  She steps toward our group, and says to Briggette and Conner, “Paladins?”

Briggette returns her greeting, and she states that she does not intend to harm us.

A man walks out with greased back black hair.  He is quite good looking.  He tries to ply us with bright words and stories of bright intentions, but Briggette sees through it and encourages us to act normally.  The man is pissed, and he speaks in ultimatums and insinuations.  Briggette ignores him and he uses the moment to turn into his true form as a Balrog.  Silas utters a word at him, and the creature suddenly disappears. 

Briggette goes through the door at the back of the room to find one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen.  /homrn= noew is


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