Baron Sir Finn Cooper

Sir Finn Cooper

32 years old

5'6" tall

185 lbs

Finn is fair skinned with curly brown hair, cropped short, and brown eyes. He is clean shaven with a square jaw and deep set eyes. He is rather squarish overall with a flat stomach and good muscular definition; his muscles ripple when he fights, and his arms are as big around as a woman's waist. His hands are big and powerful, calloused from years of hard work as a cooper followed by years of training with a polearm. Finn wears simple clothes; if not in armor, he is typically in a simple tunic and trousers, usually brown, dark green or white. He is gregarious and usually has a smile on his face. He is a heavy drinker and a decent dancer; he often will actually pick up his partner and dance with her like a doll. He is kind and good-natured--he will often buy drinks or even food for people who can't buy it themselves. This is not to say he doesn't engage in barroom brawls. Like many of his class, he sees this as a very entertaining passtime, but he would never escalate these to a more serious confrontation. He plays the field with the girls, but doesn't seem to antagonize any of them. while many people would think him a rake, those that know him know he always comes home alone. Aside from making out and being a bit handsy, Finn is a fairly upright gentleman, particularly considering he is a cooper's son.

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